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Katerina McCrimmon

Actor | Singer | Artist

A Born Storyteller

Katerina McCrimmon was born and raised in Miami, FL and fell in love with music and theatre as a small child. Although no one in her family was naturally gifted musically, her large Cuban-American family sung through their words and she found a home in the music of her people. After discovering this passion, she attended various performing arts schools in Miami for Musical Theater and graduated from Florida State University with a Bachelor of Music degree in Musical Theatre. Katerina is a Presidential Scholar in the Arts and National YoungArts Winner in Theatre. In the Fall of 2019, she was discovered by actress Marisa Tomei and made her Broadway debut in the revival of Tennessee Williams's The Rose Tattoo, making her childhood dream a reality. Katerina is currently leading the Broadway National Tour of Funny Girl as Fanny Brice alongside Grammy-Award Winner Melissa Manchester and directed by Tony-Award Winner Michael Mayer. When Katerina isn’t performing, she loves to see life through a camera’s lens, cooking, painting, and writing music. She is based in New York City and is working on her first solo album - Holy Animals.





"McCrimmon commands the stage so completely. In her hands, its story of one woman’s resilience and heartbreak is devastating and inspiring all at once. 

Funny Girl has always charmed me, but it has never deeply moved me. Until now. McCrimmon made me weep to the point that I was still furiously swiping away tears for several minutes after the curtain call. People who get to see McCrimmon’s star-making performance, now, they are the luckiest people in the world."


"...the distinguishing feature of McCrimmon’s performance is that it brings us closer to the real Fanny Brice, the vaudeville comedian who struck it big in the Ziegfeld Follies. 

McCrimmon’s Fanny... has the hectic air of a jobbing performer, a scrapper more than a sure thing, one who learned to talk as fast as humanly possible before the door slams in her face. What sets her apart is the authenticity of her humor. She knows how ludicrous she appears on stage in a lineup of leggy girls. But it’s her wisecracks — with their racy, self-deprecating wildness — that allow her to shine on her own terms."


"...McCrimmon delivers a performance that, had she originated it on Broadway, would surely have won her a Best Actress Tony nomination (and probably even the win) for her captivating, touching, outrageously funny, downright phenomenal, high-power star turn as Fanny..."



"Katerina McCrimmon is a phenomenal Fanny—quirky, adorable, quick, clever, ambitious, and utterly romantic all at once. She’s an exquisite comedienne with an astounding vocal range and ability: she makes you laugh out loud with her timing and delivery of lines but also gives you goosebumps and makes you verklempt as she alternately belts out huge songs and soothes you with sweet ballads by Jule Styne with lyrics from Bob Merrill.

Rather than imitating Barbra, she makes the role her own with terrific physicality. Out of her huge mouth comes that glorious voice and she is fully committed to this character you can’t help but love, with her exaggerated facial gestures and brilliant physical comedy."


"Katerina McCrimmon - that's a name Providence audiences won't soon forget...McCrimmon shows such power and control as a vocalist, such depth and consistency as a character actor and such a mesmerizing stage presence that hundreds sat enthralled with her performance from beginning to end...there are moments when her voice harks back to Streisand’s, and her ascent to the last note in “I’m the Greatest Star” proves breathtaking."


"The second she opens her mouth, you discern leading lady Katerina McCrimmon has an angelic, melodic voice with a pure, much larger sound than her tiny frame. She’s got a tone you could listen to all day, and her comedic delivery is impeccable. Perhaps her story mimics Fanny’s in some ways, as she is blowing audiences away with her performance. She owns the stage every moment she’s on it. That’s immensely impressive considering this was McCrimmon’s first major production. Wow. Just, wow. Perhaps this one should’ve been billed A Star is Born!"

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